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About Covid Haircuts

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The Covid Virus has had an impact on our lives in big and small ways. It sometimes seems absolutely nothing is the way it used to be and we miss the way it used to be. I don’t want to minimize the suffering by so many and the heroic efforts of health care workers but a topic […]

To Zoom or Not to Zoom

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In the olden days when we had conference rooms and used them, the coffee cup that was popular and appeared often declared, “This Meeting Could Have Been an Email.” Some cups had the same message full of F-Bombs and other expletives. A variation on that message may soon be showing up on small screens around the world […]

Working from Home: Career Insights and Taking Attendance

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The Coronavirus has changed the workplace, maybe forever. Working From Home (WFH) may no longer be a luxury or option, it may be a requirement. In this series we explore the implications and how to thrive in the new reality. Not long ago people were not allowed to work at home. When Marissa Mayer was CEO at Yahoo! […]