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Work from Home Rules

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The idea of working from home is one thing; the reality tends to be another. . The imagination can conjure an image of one sitting at a quiet desk with a cup of tea in deep thought. The scene might look like a writer’s retreat full of books and the kind of surroundings where a great novel […]

How to Name A Company

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It’s impossible! Finding a name for a company is time consuming, frustrating and not a creative endeavor at all. It doesn’t matter whether you are naming the company you are about to start in your garage or a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Every name is already taken. Every fruit and vegetable is long gone. Curse you, Steve Jobs. Every term that […]

Are You Listening?

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Worries abound. We worry about the state of the world; we worry about batteries running low and we worry about keeping up with all the new shows on Netflix. To add to the big list of worries, we are now concerned about who might be listening to us. Alexa is often accused of listening to more than our […]