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Fear and Loathing at Work

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Too many organizations, even today, allow a culture of threats and fear to hover over the people like a dark cloud. The threats can be direct or subtle. The sense of fear can creep into one’s soul and ruin what could be a meaningful career. A culture of fear can develop over time and before you know it, […]

When Your ‘Check Engine’ Light Is On

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The Uber driver was on his cell phone mumbling to someone and I couldn’t hear what he was saying and didn’t want to hear. But as I looked over his shoulder I noticed that nearly every light on his dashboard was flashing. All of them, from “check engine” to “inflate tires” were pleading for someone […]

Is “Change Management” Dead?

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The kick off is always dramatic. The CEO or other executive proclaims, “We need to change to be competitive. It is no longer business as usual around here!” He or she continues, “This is so critical, I’ve asked (fill in the blank: the COO, the head of Strategy, the head of HR) to carve out a significant part of […]