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Rock, Paper, Scissors? Six Decision Making Ways to Watch For

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Who made that decision?! Why can’t anyone make a decision around here? We just made a decision to sail away on the Titanic. The same decisions always means the same results… Ever hear any thing like that? The manner in which any organization makes decisions says a lot about that organization. The decision making process should broadcast what is important and […]

State the Obvious: The Key to Employee Communications

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Here’s the deal: Employees always know what’s going on in the organization so why not tell them? State the obvious. After listening to thousands of employees in focus groups and surveys, two simple truths emerge: 1. Employees always know what is really going on; and, 2. Employees always want more communication from leadership. Then why do organizations go through the charade […]

Five Corporate Cultures That Will Suck the Life Out of You

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I have often heard the claim, “We Don’t Have a Corporate Culture Here!!!” Yes you do. You just won’t admit it. It’s the first indicator of living in a culture that is where fun goes to die. The culture is what you walk into every day. Many academic definitions of corporate cultures exist but there are very simple […]