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The Worst Workplace Label: Unresponsive

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Lots of words come to mind when describing bad traits that show up as labels at work. Sloppy, lazy, sleepy and clueless are a few that you might want to avoid. If any of these show up in your review, it’s time to hit the reset button. But there is one descriptor that is even […]

Learning the Hustle

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There is food porn where you spy on the gastronomical delights of others. There is real estate porn where you dream about having a bigger/cooler/newer/ anything but the one I have house. There is travel porn where you watch other people enjoy vacations where there are no crowds or hassles. And, of course, there is […]

Notes to the New Person

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Wouldn’t it be nice if someone left you real operating instructions when you start a new job? In that spirit, here is a note that can be left on the chair of 99% of the people starting a new job or assignment. Hello new person and welcome to my former chair and workspace. Leaders often leave notes for their […]