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Webinar Questions

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Webinars are a wonderful show. You can look at powerpoint or videos; hear a speaker and chat all at the same time. That doesn’t even include what you might be doing concurrently on your Blackberry or cell phone or other computer. As the “content” of a recent webinar sponsored by Intercall, I was the Wizard […]

Timezone Dyslexia

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New experiences are always good. Almost always. I had a new one this week. A global conference call was scheduled this week with a very prestigous organization. The content was me. The content was me talking about how, in the middle of January, resolutions still count. The idea is that even though we may all […]

At The Ritz

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We bought our home in the wine country for my daughter’s wedding. She was three years old at the time. She is now in high school and knows this story although she has not committed to the location. I continue to tell her that after medical school (or other appropriate vocation) she is welcome to […]