Brave Souls Deserve A Raise

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Photo by Philip Swinburn on Unsplash 

Certain jobs make me say to myself, “However much that person is being paid, it is not enough.”

When I sit in my office on the twenty­-third floor and I see the guy outside my window washing it, it’s a no‑brainer that I think he should get a raise.

Coal miners deserve a raise, as do deep­-water divers and every law enforcement person in the world, no matter how much money they make. The dangerous jobs are always ones that make me wonder about the risk­– ­reward ratio.

A new group of workers makes me scratch my head about the pay versus job satisfaction equation.

These are the people who dress like a chicken to get us into the restaurant. Or dress as Bullwinkle the moose to get us to visit the time­-share office. Or dress as the Statue of Liberty to get us into the car wash.

I suspect it’s the minimum wage for these brave souls, who need to be energetic too. I think they deserve a raise.

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