Complaining at Work is Not Your Friend — 41 Samples to Never Use

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The following is a list of things you can complain about at work. It is not comprehensive but will cover a lot of the territory that I usually hear about. Take a slow read and ask yourself, “Have I ever complained about…

  1. The insensitive boss
  2. The long commute
  3. The irritating co-worker
  4. The food in the break room
  5. The slow computer network
  6. The health benefits
  7. The stress
  8. The customers
  9. The hours
  10. The smell of reheated burritos
  11. The temperature in the office
  12. The empty red licorice bucket
  13. The construction noise outside
  14. The distance to the parking lot
  15. The compensation of executives
  16. The work on weekends
  17. The people in IT
  18. The new crop of MBAs
  19. Sexual harassment training
  20. The workload
  21. The travel requirements
  22. The airlines
  23. The expense report forms
  24. Take your child to work day
  25. The lack of time for planning
  26. The co-workers who complain
  27. The uncomfortable chairs
  28. The people in HR
  29. The slow elevator
  30. The security people at the front desk
  31. The quality of the coffee
  32. The clueless interns
  33. The quality of the toilet paper in the lavatory
  34. The “others” who get all the attention
  35. The company travel policy
  36. The Monday staff meetings
  37. The performance review forms
  38. The lack of communications
  39. The office morale
  40. The printer always out of paper
  41. The people who constantly complain.

Any sound familiar? I suspect that some of the complaints can be heard on any given day in any office in the world. Guess what? No one cares much about complaints. Complaining doesn’t build relationships. Complaining creates a barrier — no one wants to talk to a constant complainer.

When it comes to job satisfaction, research shows that the friends we make and the relationships that we build improve satisfaction. It’s a no brainer, if you want to have healthy relationships at work, don’t complain.

If you are in a terrible situation at work, you have three options:

Option one: As is. For whatever the reasons might be, you need to keep the job. Stop complaining about it and look for good things.

Option two: Put a plan together to find a new job. Set a deadline and begin the process knowing that it may take a while. In the meantime, don’t complain. Your co-workers might need to be a reference.

Option three: Quit. Now there are no more reasons to complain about the job. Don’t find new ones.

Complaining is not your friend.

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