Eleven Business Laws of Convergence

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blue contactConvergence at work can be a happy coincidence of variables coming together, or, against all odds, it can make you say WTF.  Convergence can help impossible projects reach early success, or it can delay projects for years due to little things happening at the same time.  Convergence can bring joy or make you miserable.  Convergence is not Murphy’s Law, it is when good and bad factors collide.  The only solution is to deal with it.

  • The cursor will always block the spot on the computer that you need to see.
  • The cash in your wallet will always run out when you need a taxi the most.  (The credit card machines in taxis are always broken.)
  • On an airplane, the more you have to go to the bathroom, the greater the likelihood that the cart will be blocking the aisle.
  • The pilot will always tell you where you are and talk over the movie soundtrack at the most critical point of the movie.
  • The letter or memo will always run over so that only one line is on page two.
  • The bad performer you need to fire will be out sick on the day you plan to perform the deed.
  • Call waiting will happen every time you are on the phone.
  • The maid will always be at your hotel room when you go back to take a break.  If you have to use the bathroom, the odds are increased.
  • Your cell phone will always ring while you are in the bathroom.  (Don’t answer it.)
  • The laptop or cell phone will always run out of power when you need it the most.
  • When working at home, the dog will bark on the thirty seconds you take the phone off of mute while on a conference call.

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