Executive Perspectives: 2013 Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum

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In a keynote speech I gave this week, I challenged over 1000 attendees to change the way the staffing industry operates. The staffing industry provides talent to clients, creates jobs for those who need them and it creates economic growth. Yet, this value is often overlooked by clients and the industry is often treated poorly without receiving the recognition it deserves.

Key Takeaways:

  • The work of the staffing industry is way undervalued. The industry provides jobs (often for those who would otherwise have trouble); the industry provides talent to organizations efficiently; the industry is helping the economy by matching needs with jobs. (Side note – the industry is especially helpful to experienced (as in older) workers who are often discriminated against.) The industry needs to demonstrate more value. We are heroes.
  • The industry needs to be true to itself and stop trying to be something it is not. Too many firms try to position themselves away from staffing as if it is a bad thing or claim to be in a different industry. The industry has much to be proud of and we should capture that info and get it out.
  • Too often the staffing industry fibs. Sometimes we commit to do things we know we cannot complete. We need to collaborate more and tell the truth.
  • The industry has allowed itself to be manipulated into a corner by making things too complex.  If we demonstrate more value we can make things simple.
  • The industry does not get the recognition it deserves.  Like other major industries we should be helping to shape policy and receive the recognition we deserve. We match talent with problems.

I challenge the attendees and the industry to start demonstrating value and to push for increased recognition.

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