Forget A To-Do List, Just Get Something Done

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Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

It’s a trap. The trap is a false sense of activity. You think you’re busy, and, in fact, you may be really busy, but is anything that matters really getting done? Are you advancing the cause or just filling up the calendar? Take a look at the calendar — how much of the activity really matters?

There are clear symptoms if you suffer from the “false sense of activity” syndrome. Symptom one is feeling like you are in too many meetings. By definition, too many meetings mean you are busy but getting nothing done. Symptom one leads to symptom two, which is that you are always late. Another killer symptom is reviewing your to‑do list and finding that the only things that ever come off are the easy things.

The big, tough things to do are always left for another day. When you leave the workplace at the end of the day, if you ever ask yourself, “What did I really do today?” you are suffering from a false sense of activity. It can become a nasty habit and your colleagues believe you are busy but you really are not.

Some big things can move a mile a year. Some things only move an inch a year. Just move something.

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