In the Workplace: My Kingdom for an Outlet!

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laptop-use-airportEver been at the airport about to get on a six hour flight when you notice that the little battery icon on the laptop says you are down to 8% of the battery power? And, you need to refine that PowerPoint Presentation or read all the docs before the meeting. Panic. Hysteria.

Everyone is traveling with devices. All of those devices are always running out of power. We cannot live without the devices. We need to text that last I love you to the spouse before the performance review.

Airports must be one of the biggest users of electricity in the world. Big lights extend for miles. All of those Starbucks and TSA machines that screen us must suck up electricity.

As I watch men and women is business suits crawling around trying to find an outlet, I wonder, why don’t airports make power more readily available?

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