Ron Burgundy, Management Guru

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He’s back. Ron Burgundy, crack network news anchor is about to hit the big screen again. No doubt, he is the prototype for how to succeed as a newscaster in this complicated media world in which we live, but that’s only half of the story. Without planning it, or knowing it, Ron has become a management guru worthy of recognition. His behavior reminds us of what works and doesn’t work in today’s organizations. Here are just a few of his teachings that those of us looking to be better managers, might want to consider:

  • Listen to others and dismiss any input. If others were as smart as you, one of them would have your job.
  • Know that no matter what is happening, it’s always all about you. Without you, the organization would be that much less.
  • Form a little clique with the “guys”. Make sure others are excluded. A good posse is a manager’s best friend.
  • Build a personal brand and make it unique. If the brand includes styles that are thirty years out of date, that’s everyone else’s problem. The style may just come back.
  • Petulance matters as much as confidence. If you don’t get your way or things are not going like you would like, tantrums may be the answer.
  • Assume that you will never get fired, that you are irreplaceable. And if you do, they will want you back.
  • Be bold in all you do, even if you are not sure what you are doing. As the boss, it’s important to constantly make big dramatic decisions.
  • Don’t worry about keeping up with technology; it will bend to suit you.
  • Say and do anything you want while “off the air”. No one will ever know or find out.

We all owe Ron a debt of gratitude for these insights way beyond his contribution to broadcast journalism. For all of you who can look at the list above and say, “Right On, Ron!”, you might want to avoid sharing those views with your own manager.

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