Summer: The Best TIme to Adopt a Puppy!

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What!? I know what you are thinking. A friend put it succinctly: “I can’t think of anything worse than getting a puppy. A puppy is a baby dog that will keep you up all night, poop all over, and hang around for years.”

But wait, during the summer when things are a little more relaxed, there are several reasons having a puppy around is an ideal activity. Adopting a puppy will improve your performance at work, help your career and allow you to have a great summer! Here are just a few reasons:

  • A puppy will guarantee that you wake up early in the morning. Think of how productive you can be with that extra hour or two each day. The thought of what might happen if you don’t let the puppy outside is a definite incentive.
  • A puppy will get you outside to enjoy the summer air and ensure that you get some exercise by walking it. Which is better? Hanging around looking at Twitter or taking a puppy to the puppy park? Maybe you will lose those ten pounds you’ve been working on.
  • Making friends is never easy and there is no better ice-breaker and friend maker than a puppy. No, not Facebook friends, but friends that you might talk to and hang around with. Maybe you can even take the puppy to work which will guarantee people will talk to you.
  • We all get set in our ways and acquiring new skills can be difficult. A puppy will solve the problem of adopting new skills. To name just a few: a puppy will teach you true patience as it chews on your shoes, planning for when you need to take him out, and of course, the skill of thorough cleaning for obvious reasons. A key skill for success on the job is project management. The training and nurturing of a puppy is a project to manage if there ever was one.
  • Since the kids are home for the summer, or some friends don’t have anything to do, dealing with a puppy is good training for those who need to develop skills.
  • Leaving work at a reasonable hour is especially important during the summer. There is no better excuse than a puppy at home to leave at 5:00.
  • No one will love you as much as a puppy. A puppy will show you that you have traits to admire and the world can be a better place.

CAVEAT-CAVEAT-CAVEAT. Adopting a puppy is not just an activity for the summer. A puppy will turn into a dog that can bring just as much joy as a puppy and teach you just as many things. It is not a decision to take lightly and should not be an impulsive decision. If you are under thirty years old, think doubly hard before adopting a puppy. If you are never home, do not get a puppy. Don’t even get a fish or a plant.

But take a look at the list, look at life and develop those skills, puppy or no puppy.

There are way too many puppies (and dogs) that need a good home and the summer is actually a good time. It is easy go get them outside and there are lots of people around for training. Save a dog and develop skills that will make you a better person and better on the job. I know, we just adopted a puppy. Meet Buster.

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