Thoughtful Reasons Why I May Be Keeping My Job Right Now

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  1. My Amazon package has yet to arrive.
  2. The IT Guy knows my name.
  3. I finally figured out the coffee maker.
  4. Free coffee.
  5. It’s almost payday.
  6. I will call in sick next week.
  7. I feel sick.
  8. I have health benefits.
  9. Someday I will understand my benefits.
  10. It’s almost Labor Day Weekend.
  11. I know where the best bathroom is located.
  12. I like the bathroom.
  13. Free WIFI.
  14. Change scares me.
  15. The guy next to me always has red licorice.
  16. We might start a volleyball team.
  17. The economic bubble might burst.
  18. I know shortcuts on the commute.
  19. I know where the bathrooms are on my commute.
  20. The 401K Plan is good.
  21. My 401K needs attention from someone who understands it.
  22. It’s almost lunchtime.
  23. Lunch is free.
  24. My stock may be vesting.
  25. The project management tool is my friend.
  26. The secret parking place in the underground garage.
  27. It’s almost my birthday.
  28. The Holiday Party is a riot.
  29. My desk is organized.
  30. It’s ok to use an imoji here.
  31. Maybe I should go back to school to learn to code.
  32. Recruiters are not calling me.
  33. My LinkedIn profile is not up to date.
  34. No one is checking out my LinkedIn profile.
  35. I sort of like my boss.
  36. My boss doesn’t like performance reviews and gives everyone an OK.
  37. The printer is always full of paper.
  38. My ID photo is a good one.
  39. Accrued vacation is zero.
  40. I need a vacation soon.
  41. A new job would require filling out tax forms.
  42. A new job would require meeting all new people.
  43. I think I will check Facebook.
  44. Wow, are they having fun.
  45. It’s not the right time.
  46. I haven’t done anything to look for a new job.

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