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I am the first to admit I am losing my short term memory. Abandoning a thought will probably mean it will never come back. When one does it is a cause for jubilation even if the thought that returns is that I need to have my teeth cleaned. So when I lost my “To Do” list last week it was cause for great angst and concern. So that you don’t get financially concerned, we are not talking about a list embedded on an expensive Blackberry type gadget. I am talking about a small pad with coffee stains on it. Great thoughts, big ideas and grocery lists were on that list, none of which I remember. So I had to start a new list and it’s not half bad. It is probably better than the old list since it is shorter and less to remember. I can cross tasks off this list with the same joy as any of the other lists I have lost.In the spirit of changing these bad habits, I sought the truth and just happened on the San Francisco Library book sale. There, calling to me from the $1.00 table was, “How to Get More Done in Less Time” by Joseph D. Cooper, which came out in 1962. Under the heading, “How to Get Through A Day”, the suggestions go something like this:
The Morning. (5-7am) Rise, wash and contrive day’s business; prosecute the present study and breakfast.
The question is, What good shall I do this day?

(8-11am) Work
Noon. Read and dine
(2-5pm) Work
Evening (6-9) Put things in their places. Supper. Music, diversion of conversation. Examination of the day
Night Sleep

Not a bad way to look at it. My “To Do” list, although still not found, is amended.

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