What Inspires Me: Donald Trump. Really.

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Inspiration comes at us in little ways all the time. It could be from nature during a walk or a great book. Inspiration could come from a thoughtful piece on NPR, a story of overcoming hardship or maybe from friends or family. And I do derive inspiration from these sources all the time. But for me, a consistent and reliable source of inspiration is Donald Trump.

On the one hand he is a bold decision maker and risk taker. He is clear in his communications and uses the media in ways others wish they could. All good. His success could be a source of inspiration and should be considered.

But there is that other hand. As a CEO and leader, Donald Trump inspires me to behave in the opposite ways he behaves. Let me name just a few ways where he serves as an inspiration:

  • As a Listener – An effective leader is an active listener. When I see Donald deal with people by not listening to them, I am inspired to hone my listening skills and really hear what people are trying to tell me.
  • In His Humility – Donald’s imperious approach to life and dealing with others is an inspiration to be way more sensitive to those less fortunate. He made the phrase “You’re Fired!” famous. I am inspired to make a more humanitarian phrase famous.
  • As a Team Player – Name a time when Mr. Trump shared credit for his success. Maybe his success is all about him but I doubt it. He inspires me to create my team in new and creative ways and to share credit more.
  • In Being Tough on Others – I don’t like to make other people cry. There is no telling how many Donald has made cry just on television. There are ways to deal with people in positive ways without making them cry and he inspires me to do so.
  • With his Zeal for Life – Donald Trump does not need to work but he gets out there every day and is in the “game” with a positive attitude to do more, build more, make more. I have to admit, he does inspire me in that way.

I suspect there will be comments here about me having Trump envy and wishing I had all of his money and fame. And I know he can be philanthropic in big ways and serve the community. I know there are some good things that Mr. Trump has done all over the world. I give him a lot of credit but he inspires me to be someone different. Someone I like more. And, just so you know, his hair does not inspire me one way or the other.

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