Wine Country Wish List

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I bet just about everyone in wine country has been told something like, “You are living the good life.”  More times than I can count I have been told I am like Russell Crowe in the movie, “A Good Year”.  I just don’t look like him.  We are living the good life here and this time of year I am especially thankful.  Sometimes it takes people telling us how lucky we are for us to realize the gifts we have here.  There are, however, a few gifts that might make my wine country life more complete.  Here are just a few items on my wish list:

  • Joe Montana’s House.  So what if it’s $49 million?  The photos look really good and for that much money it must include hang around time with Joe and a big crew to take the garbage out to the curb.
  • A pass that allows me to cut to the front of the line at Taylor’s Refresher without any one getting mad at me.
  • Speed bumps on the road in front of my house.  Warning signs of mudslides, oil spills or nails in the road might do the same thing.  I am flexible.
  • A Hav-A-Hart trap that warns me if the animal I’ve trapped is a skunk. The skunks like the cat food left for the barn cats but they don’t add much to the wine country experience.
  • Delivery of a pastry every day from the Model Bakery.  A latte too while we are at it.
  • There is a tractor and attachment that I hear picks up all the leaves and makes them disappear.  I am not sure where to find this tractor or where the leaves go but I want it.
  • An instant wine cellar.  Easily accomplished if each winery in Napa sent me just one bottle care of this newspaper. I promise to try it.
  • A Flux Capacitor that, once turned on, would allow me to stop all surrounding traffic in order to make left hand turns onto Highway 29.
  • An exorbitant offer from someone who is just driving by our house who decides they want to buy it. Then we could have a family meeting so that we could respond with a “No!”
  • The miracle wine glass repair globe.  No matter how bad the shattered or chipped wine glass, stick the pieces in and voila, a new expensive looking glass.
  • Karma signs out in front of the house.  Instead of saying, “No Winery this Lane” or “Tasting Hours 11-5”, the karma sign would tell potential visitors whether you feel like having them or not.  The sign could flash, “Sorry, Not Today” or, “Lucky You, We are Here and Feel Like It, So Come On In!”
  • Tomatoes in January that taste like the ones we grow in August.
  • A gopher finder/eradicator.  If I can go on the web and find out how to drive from here to Saskatchewan and the value of every house in between, why can’t I get rid of a few pesky gophers?


  • Every winery selling out of all the wines that they want to sell.

OK, so this list is like the one I compiled not long ago that included motorcycles, White House invites and dates with

Diane Lane

or Gwyneth Paltrow.  Probably not going to happen.  No, NOT going to happen and I am glad for it.

We are all in a special place that is a daily gift.  Remember that we are in a place that people come from all over the world to experience.

All I want for Christmas is time – time with my family friends and time to spend in wine country and the satisfaction that this is all I need.


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