Winter Thermostat Wars Are On

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Offices are all either too hot or too cold. It’s a given. Why we can’t we fix this is beyond the scope of my engineering talents but someone should be able to figure it out. Battles over hot and cold can get, well, heated. I know I am in the middle of one, and I’m guessing that I’m not alone.

The thermostat is located in my work area but it controls the entire office. Whatever the temperature, half of the group doesn’t like it. Forget about the interruptions, the poor thermostat is never just adjusted, but always on full throttle hot or cold. Before long everyone is either boiling or freezing and the process starts again.

Many office thermostats are locked, just like they are in every high school, and I am beginning to understand why.

Let’s stop the thermostat wars and try some low-tech solutions: sweaters, fans and windows that open.

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