Workplace Lessons from Award Shows

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SAGThe SAG Awards, the Golden Globes, the Academy Awards, the People’s Choice Awards – the list is endless and so are some of the acceptance speeches. Fear not, just like almost everything else we see each day, there are lessons to be learned that apply to our work. Your workplace may not be the red carpet, but as you watch the shows and critique; remember the same things may be happening to you as you show up in your cubicle.

1. People notice what you wear. Whether the CEO or not, your appearance broadcasts who you are and whether or not you are interesting, hip or just have bad taste.

2. Be prepared. If you are in the “finals” out of tons of people who could have been nominated, never say,  “I am so surprised I am not prepared.” This advice could come in handy with proposals.

3. Don’t get drunk in front of others who may someday hire you.

4. Always share the credit and remember the people behind the scenes; they are the ones who can make it even better next time.

5. Hide any disappointment and don’t quit or use profanity in response to others winning. If you don’t get that raise, go in the bathroom before you scream.

6. Learn from others and copy. Always get the Daniel Day Lewis equivalent on the project.

7. If you talk too long in circles and leave room for interpretation, people will interpret the most dramatic and negative.

8. Remember that wherever you go and whatever you do, there is probably a camera on you from somewhere.

9. Your mother is always a safe date at a company party.

10. Put the good stuff first on the agenda or people will lose interest and always read the audience and keep the action moving.

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